Integrating Strategy

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First, you start the planning process with a clear understanding of the company's strategy. Then, check the suitability of suppression product / market and your strategy with the company as a whole.

Identification of Conflicts

If strategic planning is not a common practice in your company, you might inadvertently disclose methods of work that are ineffective and outdated, which used the other team.

Act sensitively. Consider whether other teams within the company to understand the business you are doing and the changes that are creating. Make sure you can provide compelling reasons for this change before you discuss it with the other team leaders. Design a manner mutually acceptable to the front and was always ready to compromise. If you are not biased start a new process because the old process still used by other teams, think about how to improve the situation.

- Open negotiations with other teams and stimulation thoughts about change and improvement.
- Discuss issues with co-workers and tell them about the idea of ​​the planning cycle, each team reviewing plans other teams at different stages.

Combine Strategy

If your company does not standardize the formulation of a strategic plan, you biased approach mennyrankan a step-by-step simple. Computer systems, for example, has an important role in standardization. The computer system allows the company to communicate and update their plans renacana online. The most successful companies do not have interdepartmental impenetrable. They constantly documenting their processes, mark the place and time when the involvement and assistance of other teams needed to execute the agreed strategy.

Prepare a Process Map

When a project or operational systems involve a variety of teams, use a process map to identify the location of each stage of the process of movement from one team to another team. Danger point in the project or system is located on the stages in the event of a transfer of responsibilities different. Delays and misunderstandings may occur. To avoid problems, make sure each team see his own part in the process and in the context of other people. Team who work independently without referring to the things that made the other team would threaten the success of a long-term strategy and the achievement of corporate objectives.

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