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Yeah, keep talking. When there are problems, talk will allow us to get out of that problem. When we are going through difficult times, talking will make us able to survive. We're optimistic and excited, talking will help us share with those closest in our lives.

This is one of Richard Templar advice quoted from his book and has become a phenomenal worldwide bestseller Rules of Life. According to the Templars, if we do not talk to each other, there must be something wrong. Talking helps us understand, listen, and communicate. Many people assume that silence means there is a problem. Wrong! Of course we do not have to fill all the silence.

However, there are basic rules of etiquette when talking to other people:
• Recognize that the other person is talking to you (talk does not mean nagging or long sigh).
• Put every moment that you are still awake, alive, there in that room, interested, and watching - could be a nod of the head, the word 'yes' or 'no', or the sounds 'hmmm' or 'oh'.
• Talking to help resolve the problem, silent enlarge.
• Talk unites you and that person.

Indeed, there is a place and time to be silent, but talking is healthy, productive, friendly, loving, kind, and fun. Silence can be boring, unhelpful, damaging, and scary. Clearly, there was talk of quality and there is also chatter. Make sure you do not just ramble to fill the silence with things that are not meaningful. Talk must have goals, although gossiping also (sometimes) allowed. So now talk sensibly.

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