Keep Your Moral Stay High

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It is easy to say that the rules and really difficult to run. This is Rule 88 in the Rules of Life book written by Richard Templar, a veteran motivator. Keep your morale remains high. This rule is difficult, but you can do it.

To follow these rules, we only need to change the vision, of people who act in a certain way to be people who act in other ways.

No matter how hard the situation you experience, you will not:
• Seeking revenge
• Acting bad
• wrath
• Hurting other people
• Acting without thinking
• Acting rough
• Be aggressive

That's the point. You will always retain the moral high ground. You will behave in an honest, modest, kind, forgiving, and polite. No matter what the provocation. No matter what challenges are thrown at you. No matter how bad or unfair their behavior on you. You will not lower yourself to their level and retaliate with the same conduct. You will continue to behave well and civilized and morally perfect. Your behavior will not be deformed. Your language will be refined and respectable.

Yes, it's tough. When nearly half of the world behave badly, you have to run this rule without giving up by saying harsh words, then this is really difficult. When people are rude to you, it's natural when you come back to your previous nature and crazy. Do not do it. Once this difficult time passes, you will be proud of yourself for being with high moral, and it feels a thousand times better than revenge.

High moral does not mean you are a person that can be exploited or weak. High moral means that you will take action only honest, clean, and dignified.

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