Learning Reduces Pain Worry

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The future is uncertain, scary, and hidden. We're not human if we did not worry at certain moments. We worry about our health, parent / child / our friends, our relationships with family, our jobs and our money. We were worried we would be getting older, obese, poor, tired, less attractive, less fit, less mentally alert, and less in every respect. Sometimes we feel guilty if we do not feel worried.

Worry is okay, as long as there is something to worry about. If no, then you are only going to increase the wrinkles on your forehead - and it makes you look older.

By Richard Templar in his book Rules of Life (Essence, 2008), the first step is to decide whether there is anything you can do to improve what you are doing it. Usually there are logical steps to eliminate such concerns. Often times, people do not perform these steps and choose to continue to feel worried.

If you're worried about your health, see your doctor. If you are worried about money, set a budget and use money wisely. If you are concerned about weight, exercise. If you worry about getting old, so there's no point - you still will age, whether you worry or not.

Sometimes we are too busy worried about bad things that might happen to us. And if we prepare ourselves, the possibility of bad things are very small, at most, only 5-10 per cent. And even if bad things that did happen, it's okay. That's all right. Other people will understand you, or you will get a chance to fix it, or it will be a very valuable experience for you. Therefore, do not worry.

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