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You may be wondering why there are tips here. This is one rule that is in the book Rules of Life by Richard Templar (Essence, 2008). As a self-development expert who has sold millions of copies worldwide bestseller, you must listen to what he says. Note the great world out there. This is one of our favorite tips.

Pay attention to the outside world is in order to develop yourself, not for the benefit of the world. I'm not saying you have to keep watching the news. You can indeed watch the news, but you can also read, listen, chat, and browsing the Internet.

Successful people are not hiding in their little cocoon. Then make 'knowing what is going on in the world' - the events that occurred, music, fashion, movies, science, food, transportation, and even TV - as your mission.

The people who succeed can speak on any subject well, because they are interested in 'what happened'. You do not need to know all the latest stuff, but you should have an overview of what's changed, what's new, and what's going on - either in your own community as well as in other parts of the world.

What the hell, are the benefits? First of all, it will make you a more interesting person and keep you young. We often meet with elderly people at ATMs or bank PIN numbers fuss. "The pin number ... What is the need for PIN numbers for cash as old as me? "The answer, of course it requires a PIN number to protect their savings. We are easy to sink into the mentality of "I've never done this before and I do not have to do it". If we adopt this mentality, we will miss many opportunities.

So, be a part of the world, not apart from the world. It will never make you lose.

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