Prioritize Changes

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Prioritize Changes
While reaching short-term operational objectives that have been specified in your plan, you and your team have to decide which changes according to the current working method to do to ensure you can achieve long-term strategy.

Create a List of Possible Increased

Prepare a comprehensive list of possibilities to change the way you work. Grouped into separate areas for improvement. When changes in strategy with respect to product and market happens, you will use this list, also when there is a change in the way work to increase effective

Register early for this to be a milestone in your decision on the project change. Use your team to ensure a comprehensive that list. Remember that this time you're not making a decision on the project changes, but was thinking about the things that need to be done and the things that become a priority.

Priority stacking

In order to reach a decision on how to prioritize projects change, make a list of any areas that will be improved. Label as high, medium, and low based on the level of urgency and impact. You have no choice but to face the problem of high-impact and high berugensi first. Use measurement to prioritize changes. Then, grouped so you get eight to ten fields ynag needs change. This grouping will be the basis of the change project.

When you implement the strategy, the team members will slowly become more proactive and find that they are working on high-impact changes before becoming a high. Changes that offer a quick and measurable results, make people realize that change is really happening. However, you should resist the temptation to labeling everything as a high priority. Discard some of activities that are not essential to make tough but realistic decisions. Your resources are limited and these change projects often must be carried out by the members of the team in addition to the duties of their normal operations. It is important to not  organization's objectives.

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