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If your staff or colleagues you do good things, tell them. Then say it again. And again. Preserve. Write. Send them a memo or something that they can save. Enter in the periodic reports. Add notes on their archives.

Either way, make sure they are good performance widely known. It is a fast and inexpensive method (very important relating to your limited budget) in motivating your team (individually of course). This allows each person that you are monitoring, praising, motivating.

When you praise people, to do with the simple. If they work overtime to complete a particular job, say, "Thank you for working overtime. We could not accomplish this task without you. Positive response. Your situation is difficult to make everyone's job a lot easier and me. Thank you. "It is much easier than," On the evening of 7 you asked to perform additional duties. You perform according to our expectations. For that, we express gratitude, blah blah blah ... "

Personally stated. Use "I" and "we", not "management". Say "thank you" as you normally say. "I want to thank you" is much better than the "Management would like to thank ..." - who talks like that?

If you reinforce positive behavior in this way, you can almost guarantee it was committed again. If you do not observe, comment, praise, chances are your team will cease to provide the best for you. Who can blame them?

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