Self belief and First Impression

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What is the meaning of life without a belief in yourself? Queries are answered with chic cliche by Ros Taylor, author of Work Life: Developing Self Confidence (Essence, 2009). Self-belief is the key to a successful and happy life. Why? Confidence, according to Rose, facilitating you in every way: take the right decisions, build relationships with friends, and success in the job.

Confidence is also key to self-motivation. People who have the confidence to be motivated to have influence and create the first impression is always remembered. Confidence that you have is the result of expansion you are doing to yourself. "If you expand it, it will begin to grow their own," writes Rose.

The first impression you make is an important part in developing the self-confidence. People who meet with you first base thinking of appearance, body language, and how you address them. Keep in mind: You only have a little time to create a positive influence.

Many people think that the first impression is not important. Because someone takes time to recognize the feelings of others before giving the assessment. According to Rose, life does not work like that. You, obviously, have to create influence with the rest of your appearance and the first meeting is actually a "short meeting." Once again, the first impression is usually the most remembered and give a big impact (positive or negative). You decide.

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