Success is a Process

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Success is a Process
Success comes in the person of a long journey. That was the beginning of a seductive spell at the start of an interesting book, Success Built to Last (Essence: 2009). Is the figure of Nelson Mandela, who became. Why Mandela?

South Africa's hero is an activist lawyer, who is sent to a death camp, because that apartheid would end someday. In 1964, on charges of sabotage and conspiracy, Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment and inhabit Robben Islan in Cape Town, South Africa. Ideas and thoughts continue to grow, because prisons are not able to kill the ideals of Mandela.

After 27 years shackled, precisely in 1990, Mandela free. He could have been transformed into butchers with resentment, but the owner's full name was Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, chose the way of peace through non-violent revolution and national reconciliation. This is the effect Mandela, when you can create lasting success, not because you are perfect or lucky, but because you have the courage to do something meaningful to you.

Look, how unfortunate a Jimmy Carter, former U.S. president. 1980 election results as a battering ram for Carter. Support for her voice dropped sharply than rival Ronald Reagan, the Hollywood cowboys, who won the presidential election. "When he left the White House, I feel hopeless," said Carter. How not, all said the business results for the political costs are not cheap, and after four years in the White House, she had a million dollars to collect debts.

Carter certainly disappointed, but he (like the Albert Arnold "Al" Gore, former U.S. vice-president Clinton era, who later actively campaigned against global warming), chose to serve for peace. Carter also get a nobel peace 20 years after the painful defeat. After a painful defeat it, he found the new definition of success: "You can measure success in the eyes of God: justice, peace, humility, service, forgiveness, compassion, and love. You do not have to be rich, powerful, famous, healthy, or clever to demonstrate the characteristics of life. "

Mandela and the Carter success, not the day and night. Which not only achieved success through a wide instantaneous event The Celebrity Apprentice, Indonesian Idol, and similar television programs. Was a long-term approach, something that is believed by Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, and Mark Thompson, the trio wrote the book Success Built to Last, which was able to inspire a lot of people that success is a process. Like Mandela and Carter, a successful figure who does a lot of mistakes and reap the many failures. This is the next spell of this book.

"Success is about building long-term relationships and service to others," said Azim Premji, Wimpro leader in India. In addition, take a look at the kinds of Achievement Engraver Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple), how different their success than their plans. They also do not have a road map that resembles the path they take. Successful trip, like the effort to reach the moon but instead reached Mars.

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