Successful Corporate Care Company

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Successful Corporate Care Company
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is certainly no longer the words are foreign to us. Today, CSR is considered very important in the business world for many managers who believe that their business success is closely linked with the powerful and positive impact that they have on the community.

Look into the managerial Starbucks, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility Program) is an \ integral part of the mission of Starbucks leaders. In this case, executives have a monumental social commitment. The commitments contained in the company's mission statement, which states that Starbucks will "make a positive contribution to the community and the environment."

Rather than simply make remarks, Starbucks managers also work with tenacious to ensure mission and values ​​that they hold dear be the cornerstone of every business decision that they take everyday. In fact, Starbucks leadership has made a separate mission statement that includes specific commitments to the company's environmental problems. The statement reads: Starbucks is committed to environmental leadership role in all aspects of our business. We fulfill this mission by a commitment as follows.

Understanding environmental issues and sharing information with our partners. Creating innovative and flexible solutions to bring about change. Trying hard to buy, sell, and use environmentally friendly products. Recognizing that fiscal responsibility is important for the future of our environment. Instilling environmental responsibility as a corporate value. Measure and monitor the progress of each project. Motivating all partners to work together in support of our mission.

Here are examples of Starbucks CSR practices, which certainly deserves to be the inspiration of your company:

1. For all employees who work for 20 hours or more a week, Starbucks provides health benefits. Other fast-food restaurants do not provide benefits for Starbucks and lower positions are the same in this industry sector. Typically, this position has a minimum salary with no health benefits. Indirectly, Starbucks decision to provide health benefits in the 'part-time employees' push other companies to provide similar compensation package or pay the price. Thus, the presence of Starbucks is usually highly appreciated by the local community.

2. Can become a steady supplier to Star bucks, a company must meet specific criteria as follows

books so that Star bucks could see how the company pays its suppliers. Working closely with Starbucks to develop practices that are environmentally friendly, such as reducing the use of pesticides and reduction of water consumption. Constantly improving the living conditions of its workforce. And, of course, maintaining a high quality product. Usually buy Starbucks coffee at a higher price than the competitors, and a contract made Star bucks for its suppliers warrant the price premium that would protect farmers from the ups and downs of the coffee market.

3. Star bucks worked with firms that care about the environment and has a variety of social backgrounds

Each year, Star bucks set a high standard to attract a variety of contractors and product suppliers. For example, Star bucks plans to increase the percentage of suppliers whose owners are women or minority groups in the percentage 50%. And Star bucks has been developing business cooperation with firms that have shown support for the harmonious diversity or environmental concern, such as the Johnson Development Corporation.

4. Creating support to communities throughout the world to develop the Star bucks Foundation

The Foundation focuses on relief of Star bucks on community service groups and community-based organizations that often requires funding and volunteer assistance. In addition, the Starbucks Foundation also prioritize support for the movement and literacy programs for children and families. It was only a couple of Star bucks CSR activities. And from these measures, Starbucks also greatly benefited. Create a stronger bond with the environment it serves, increase pride among its partners, and get a reputation for generosity and exemplary community service. You also want to get the same benefits? Starbucks Make Your role model.

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