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Turn off the TV sound while you watch a tennis match. You'll still be able to tell who's winning. Players who bowed sluggish or grimacing after a bad blow, prepared to lose. Instead, the player who was going to win, moving quietly in the next shot, focusing on his best punch, and forget his mistakes.

When you make a mistake at work, it is important for you to not focus on that mistake. Salurkanlah your energy on trying to get up.

The focus is not just to keep you on the winning track, but also affect other people. In environments with high pressure, contagious emotion. Vigorous attitude, which is not excessive, it can become a major force, because the positive energy will have an impact on others. They will receive a new spirit of the gesture. If you do so, they will soon forget your mistakes, and will get the impression that you are a champion, as well as team work with you.

Not that you are not paying attention to the error. All you do is understand what happened and learn quickly. Learning is important. Or, instead of learning from mistakes or problems, you "appreciate". You think about it from all sides and consider various factors related to evaluate it. Thus, you will not repeat the same mistake again. Seeing mistakes as a positive force for learning rather than as a failure, will help you to get through.

The key in managing a problem or error is to divide it. Away from the chaos is a quick way to get back into the rhythm of your work. When you have learned something, there is no point in constantly thinking about what went wrong. The negative is placed on one side.

Even a little denial will help you progress, as long as you do not put the blame on others openly.
Wailing and complaining will not help because it tends to make your actions and others discouraged. Once disclosed, negative thoughts will become stronger and literally draining your colleagues. This does not mean you do not admit your mistakes in public. This means you do not dissolve in it.

Mistakes are an excellent opportunity for you to manage it. The first way to manage error is to think in advance about what might go wrong and prepare a plan B and C. The second way is to avoid the same mistakes. All the usual mistakes. This is a consequence of trying new ideas and approaches. If you do not dare to take risks, there are no results that can be learned.

Most of the leaders and great companies have made a big mistake in the past, but rarely are any two times. Milton Hershey candy king, who is known by everyone who likes chocolate, never go broke at the beginning of its establishment. But he persevered. Although Richard Branson says that he wants his company, Virgin, known as Coca-Cola, he managed to sell his brand of cola. But he ignores the errors and great success with other businesses.

The power of positive thinking is not only the title of the book: it is a lifestyle. Positive realistic optimism will help you succeed despite failure. This attitude will also make you a wonderful companion.

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