The Science Of Dog Food

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Without the right types of food your pet might seem lethargic, put on weight or even become ill. Every pet owner should know that the right pet diet is critical for their pet to be healthy. But not just healthy, they should be vibrant and full of life. This is why it is important to care about your pet’s diet, because by just relying on pet food companies you could be missing something vital from general cat or dog nutrition.

For example, the Hill’s Pet Science Plan Canine Adult Advanced Fitness dog food has been scientifically blended to make sure that it contains all of the nutrition your adult dog will need. With high quality, tasty lamb, it aids digestion and provides vital omega 3 and 6 to maintain healthy skin and coat. Having enough protein is always a huge bonus in dog nutrition. Joints and muscles are heavily dependant on proteins and L-carnitine. Without this sustenance, your dog might suffer injuries or develop illnesses.

This particular product is also certified to be a clinically proven source of antioxidants. Oxidants can build up over time and cause cell damage, but food with antioxidants can go a long way to maintaining your dog’s health.

If your dog is overweight, you might be looking for a way to control pet diet. The Science Plan Canine Adult Light with Chicken is a less fatty option for those dogs that need to get back into shape. With 40% less fat and 18% fewer calories than the normal Hill’s Pet Science Plan, your dog’s diet could benefit immensely. This particular dog food controls hunger between meals because of its high fibre content. Needless to say, the Canine Adult Light with Chicken still tastes great and your dog won’t notice any significant change in diet.

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