Thinking Smart Ways to Motivate People

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Thinking Smart Ways to Motivate People
1. Proficiency recognize each person. Proficiency is an important factor in success.
If the people on your team are not in the proper perspective in assessing or measuring themselves, they will not be able to access their skills effectively.

How to: Make a list of 10 attributes, such as self-confidence and focus, from each of your team members on their best performance. Most teams produce a longer list of attitudes rather than finesse. Every time they have a bad day and feel motivated, encouraged them to demonstrate the attributes list and remind about their proficiency.

2. The ability to change the behavior themselves.
It is very important in motivating people. However, it is usually something that is valuable enough to be studied will be very challenging at first.

How to: Concentrate to recognize habitual behavior, emotions, and responses to other people and situations. Decide how you are to be able to change this. Exercise, exercise, and commit to change in the predetermined time. Use this technique at work or at home to get more results than you want.

3. Potential candidates for the team's motivation.
Good management is not just motivate existing team members, but also motivate prospective potential team members that will determine your success.

How to: Give reasons to prospective employees or potential team members to join your company or team. Thus, qualified people will be attracted to join and issue the necessary capabilities, will even do it with high motivation. Before hiring new staff, think about the things that your company can offer to them, want to interview well, and provide feedback.

4. Guided by questions and answers.
Guiding effective technique is to ask your questions, then keep quiet until you get a response. The longer the person you are guided to answer, the answer is usually the stronger.

Ways: an inexperienced manager often answered his own question. Let the guidance you come to your own conclusions, although the answer is not as you would expect. Avoid making assumptions and ask questions so that the answers are known in advance. Take advantage GROW models to explore every option. Investigate the truth and honesty of the people who answer your guidance regarding the current reality-if not, it will be difficult to grow and thrive.

5. Deal with people in time and through time.
The people who were on both ends of the spectrum of time can sometimes lead to problems within the company, and you need to assess their situation.

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