Tips for Dealing with interview

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Tips for Dealing with interview
The first interviews can be fun or stressful. But you can feel confident by following these rules.

● If you were called interview, confirm immediately that you can be present at the appointed time. If you can not come on schedule, be honest, and ask for the possibility to make an appointment at another time. Employers realize that you may already have another appointment.

● Seek as much information as possible about the company beforehand so that you can tailor your answer. Almost all interviewers will ask why you want to join their organization.

● Go to bed early, and decide which clothes to wear so that you are not in a hurry in the morning. The goal is to look smart, not cool.

● Plan how to arrive on time, and provide plenty of time so you are not late - the delay gives a bad impression from the start. However, if there is a problem with public transport, make sure you call the interviewer to tell them first.

● Do not worry if you feel nervous. The interviewer was expecting it and a good interviewer will try to make you comfortable. Sit down if you already are welcome. Call interviewer as Mr A, or Mrs. B.

● If you answer the question, do not just say yes or no. Develop your answer. Speak clearly and look the interviewer in the eye. Do not forget to smile.

● Do not be afraid to ask - most interviewers will ask you is there anything you want to know, usually at the end of the interview. If you have not been clearly defined or you are not sure, ask the interviewer to confirm a large salary, and told you about the possibility of working overtime or on weekends, as well as public holidays.

● You may be offered a job immediately. If you can not decide, ask for time to think about this, even if only overnight. Go home and talk to your parents or teacher if you can take a decision in stride

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