Tips on Organizing Your Shopping

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Tips on Organizing Your Shopping
Before detailing what are the things that you budgeted, you should first understand some of the principles. These principles will teach you to not wasted your money for things that should or should not be done any other way. This principle is derived from the fruit of thought Richard Templar is summarized in his recent book, Saving without Passion. There are 100 principles that you can apply in carrying out the financial budget, but not all of them will be described here. The following ten principles in them.

1. Know your budget

Before creating a new budget, understand your budget in the previous year. How big is your income and expenditure. How much money you spend on household needs, children's education, or credit card bills. By knowing where your money out, you can set it even better in the future.

2. Look frugality as

This challenge is one way to enjoy the lifestyle on a limited budget. You can start watching spending and see if it can reduce it. Probably started is easy, but the challenge is to continue.

3. Cheap price is not necessarily cheap

If you buy an item because it is cheaper or discounted half price, does not mean you are buying at low prices. Therefore, you do not necessarily need the stuff. The price may be cheaper hundred thousand, but still a hundred thousand more than you should spend.

4. Defense funds

Set aside some money every time there is income. So, when there are bills flocked merasamtenang you can, however you know how much the bill was, instead. You can also save money in different banks specifically for this so do not be tempted to spend it. This also applies to other large purchases you expect there will be no money when the time comes, for example, to the feast or holiday.

5. Bring cash

More precisely, do not take anything but cash. Decide first how much money you can spend. You also will not shop beyond the limit. However, you have to really control yourself when deciding how much money you will be taking.

6. Ask yourself whether you

need it so easy to buy things that dragged you do not even need it at all. Look at your home. You should make sure. All items purchased used or stored deserved. If not, do not give room for such things in your home.

7. Buy with thinking of selling

You have to buy something with a psychological commitment to resell the goods when it is not needed anymore. Check the resale value of the goods you want to buy. This is very advantageous. So, treat the goods as long as you use it.

8. Secretly be the stingy

This can be used when a child or spouse or you just want to wear mengonsumsimakanan with a particular brand. If the kids just want to eat a cereal brand, try to buy other cheaper brands (of which taste similar) and insert into the A brand packaging. Children will definitely keep eating it.

9. Involve others in the budget

This can be done to save money on the things that you should be able to get from other people. For example, if you want to get married and have to print the invitations, why not ask for help on a friend who has a business. Maybe he will give discounts or ba respiratory passages do not charge a fee at all.

10. Do not give up

However, frugality is a struggle. It's okay if you have failed. Therefore, you can still change in the future. Over time you will cut corners and your financial life will improve. You will have more money to buy any items that you really want

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