When 24 Hours No Longer Enough!

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When 24 Hours No Longer Enough!
24-hours a day always felt very less to live? Wow, you really need some help ladies! Writer and activist and prominent speakers from the UK, Robert Ashton gives 7 essential solution to make 24 hours a day becomes longer for you, want to know? Consider the following tips,

Use an alarm clock or alarm
Degan this way, you can promote 10 minutes of your life and do not need to rush anymore.

Try to learn to organize every thing with organized and neat. So that time is not wasted looking for important items that you forgot to put where.

Do things that most can be done
Do not waste time with things that you do not skilled. Naturally, when people good at one thing, but bad in others. For that delegate the work you hard about doing and doing the easiest to work with.

momentarily stop
A short break was given new freshness. Therefore, when already tired pause briefly and look for inspiration.

While making important decisions or no challenges, silent moment is important that you can do. Inhale deeply and think about the steps you will take. This is very important because the wrong decision than giving birth in a hurry.

Do the important things first and leave other important things can not be done afterwards.

Avoid the bully
You definitely know the things that can ruin your concentration. Get rid of the first while, but when it becomes urgent and necessary.

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