When should decide resign from job

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When should decide resign from job
The bossy boss, team mates who sucks, plus the lack of appreciation of the company was part of the reason we decided to resign from office. Consider carefully why we should quit office now. The following can be considered before we decided to resign and a new job:

1. Make sure we are the right reasons to look for a new job.
all companies have their pluses and minuses of each. Bosses are like government-government own way, team-mates could not get the cooperation, the office atmosphere is very uncomfortable, stressed with the workload, or no salary increases rise. Do we have the right reason?

2. Ask for advice from colleagues or friends.
Try asking advice from office mates or friends outside the office. For office-mates, look for colleagues who have been working there. How they can survive for many years on these. What makes them not look for other companies. Moreover we can seek information from friends who work at other companies. Do they feel comfortable-comfortable without any complaints at all about their work.

3. Ready with all the consequences in the new office.
New atmosphere may make us looking fresh. New friends new environment with a company that okay, okay counterparts, but apparently our boss that sucks. Does not rule out the possibility when we resign and find new office, we may avoid the problem in the old office, but in the new office we find problems that are larger than the previous issue. Make sure we are ready for all possibilities.

So, consider the best possible way. If it could no longer with the company now, get ready for a glance at the new job.

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