7 Best Internet Connection in Indonesia

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7 Best Internet Connection in Indonesia
Nowadays the internet is like flour scattered on the floor, the floor was turned into a black-white. This suggests that the internet is no longer a novelty, but rather to the need for people, especially in Indonesia. Naturally, it is, because what you can get over the internet.

However, is the problem today is the quality of the internet connection. Many people complain due to loading while surfing in cyberspace is always slow, even can make people furious.

Therefore, various methods are used, ranging from installing extra cables, using DNS, certain codes and so forth. So what is the best connection in Indonesia?

Here are 7 best Internet connection in Indonesia

1. Wifi

Wifi internet is a network that is destined for the public by using a password or not. This is usually a very fast wifi connection or calculated standard. Hence, today has been a lot of internet network using the wifi system.

2. Cable

Network connections are good connections above or an average of 200 to 1000 kb, but it is very difficult to obtain, and therefore, one solution is to use a network cable or cord of some services, such as speedy.

3. Telkom

PT Telkom also provides services in the areas of internet, and according to some sources that, telecoms seek and strive to provide the best for internet users with a speed or a high speed connection to elusion yan glambat

4. Modem

Modem is a device that has just been created, depending on the capacity of the modem capabilities are provided, but not all modems are satisfactory, but with the presence of the modem would have helped those of us who want to surf the virtual world with a fast connection.

5. Speedy

Speedy is a basic internet services which provide many of the current best evidence for networks with internet connections above average, this is evidenced by the number of consumers who use the services of speedy to surf

6. Tri Card

Tri focus more on the internet. Tri not adventurous when giving promises about the speed associated with internet access connection. Because tri berbasic unlimitied basic open quota. However, the current tri reduced average speed connections dikarenaka already too many users. In addition, the region is also limited tri-urban areas, while in rural areas like my hometown, tri absolutely no signal.

7. Satellite

Yes, this is the fastest connection, the problem is, it is not possible for us to adopt a satellite if only for browsing only, heeeeee.

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