7 Difficult Questions Answered

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7 Difficult Questions Answered
This world is full of twists journey, filled with problems, obstacles, hindrances and trials are always a pleasure for partly fear of people who are not capable and able to deal with it.

A number of questions and problems always arise as life in this world is still running. So what the heck, .. the question, whether the question is difficult to answer or is the secret of the Divine?

The following 7 Difficult Questions Answered
by: Ibrahim Lubis, MA

1. Dead

Death is the most essential for the entire universe and everything in it, including us humans. Until recently, death remains a mystery, although often and we see even our ordinary experience. However, in essence, no one knows death, when and where we'll die.

2. Mate

Mate can be cultivated, but we can not decide. How many were already acquainted and close to each other for years, but he's a mate who sometimes get acquainted only 3 or 7 days. It became one of the proof that the match is a difficult question to answer.

3. Meeting and Parting

When we met and when we split up is still a mystery that can not be ascertained the answer. Because meetings can be planned and it could also happen to, as well as a farewell.

4. Ruh

Anyone who knows the spirit, if there is to try to explain, how to shape and form. This is because of the limitations we were not able to answer the question if we are asked about the soul, even God has also said that the Spirit of God only knows.

5. Fortune

Fortune is a gift of God, not just a property fortune, wealth, position, .. but fortune is anything that we can continue to enjoy both beauty, beauty, health, pleasure, and other opportunities. But who can be sure rejekinya, and who is able to ensure that he will be healthy or wealthy forever.

6. Face

And shape of the face is a reflection of what distinguishes humans. But the hardest is the answer if there are issues that arise that why the human face are always different, even though we can distinguish twins.

7. Time

Time is a blend of period and opportunity, the time period also has the size and distance. However, when we experience both before, and after that it came remains a mystery difficult to solve. From natural that there be some special film making film scripts with the theme "Space Time".

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