7 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Health

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7 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Health
As I have mentioned about 7 Health Benefits of Coconut Milk Coconut For , so this time I tried to explain what are the benefits of coconut oil for health . And I also have to say that the whole is contained in the coconut tree such as coconut water , coconut wood , coconut and other roots , then the oil is no less important to know the health benefits .

Although some have argued that the content of coconut oil are saturated fats are not good for health , so long as the saturated fatty acids are low or moderate , then you can use to health .

The following 7 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Health
By : Ibrahim Lubis , MA

1 . stimulate Metabolism

Contained in coconut oil fatty acid content , and this content can stimulate metabolism quickly and is able to provide energy for you .

2 . Kill bacteria and protect the heart

Pure coconut oil contains caprylic acid and is believed to to kill harmful bacteria . in addition, virgin coconut oil is able to protect the heart by lowering bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol .

3 . Control Sugar Levels

Virgin coconut oil will not trigger an increase in the hormone insulin in your blood vessels . But Instead , coconut oil will take it and be able to help you to control blood sugar by increasing insulin performance .

4 . Lowering Cardiovascular Disease

In a study has shown if the use of coconut oil can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease . you can find the detailed understanding of the cardiovascular search engines .

5 . Digestive and Immune Drug

Use pure coconut oil and vitamin E together is the solution for treating failure nutrient absorption in the digestive tract . in addition, coconut oil is lauric acid found in coconut oil which is used to boost the immune system a good .

6 . Creating and Maintaining Healthy Skin

Coconut oil is proven to keep your skin and be able to take care of your skin is smooth and beautiful skin naturally .

7 . Brain health

In Some studies have shown that if you use pure coconut oil properly and regularly , will be able to maintain brain health in old age .

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