7 Super Human Strength

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7 Super Human Strength
Humans are animals that have been perfected God , and man has a mandate to be a leader on this earth .

The strength and intelligence of human beings have been present since God created man armed with tremendous potential . Potential which is the source of powerful forces that exist in humans .

In the following 7 Super Human Strength

1 . earth elements

Man was created from 7 different soil components . As we know that all things in nature grow and develop from the ground . When these elements can be developed even the existing human generated on each body , then this man will be a remarkable man .

2 . Fire element

As we know the fire has many functions in this world , if people use it with good fire element , then the super power and exceptional humans will evolve and it will be superhuman .

3 . Water element

Water is a very important portion , without water we will not be able to survive, because almost all of this being part of our body that is filled with water .

4 . The air element

Air is an important portion after the elements of water, fire and earth . Air is the continuation of human life to breathe . Element which is the essential inspiration of the fruit of thought with the discovery of the plane.

5 . reason

Intellect is its own advantages for humans compared to other living beings . Weak human nature will be a super power if you use their minds properly .

6 . Curiosity

Human curiosity into the bright idea that continues to thrive to this day . With curiosity there is a lot of crazy inventions that made ​​sense , such as the space station and other .

7 . brain

The human brain with the brain of animals have remarkable comparison . It is small , but the human brain can accommodate a variety of fields and types of objects that can be realized or simply as an insight into life thinking .

Many other advantages and possessed super human strength , he explained that if the power is used properly , it is natural that God chose us to be a leader on this earth .

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