Benefits of Sleeping With the Lights Off

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Benefits of Sleeping With the Lights Off
Sleep without the lights turned out to be significantly beneficial and helps sleep activity more quickly . Moreover, it turns sleeping with the lights off or in a dark state is also useful for the health of the body , it is as advice from experts .

In the human body there are hormone melatonin is a hormone that functions to maintain immunity against various diseases attack . Produce the hormone melatonin when sleep will not use lights at night . It would be wise to help the sleep hormone melatonin metabolism in the dark or turn off the lights before going to bed at night.

Benefits of Sleeping With the Lights Off
By : Ibrahim Lubis , MA

1. Sleep quickly and easily
When we sleep with the lights off to sleep faster processing compared to sleep with the lights still bright .

2. Production of the hormone melatonin is better to ward off disease
As described above that with sleep without light bulbs give the maximum production of the hormone melatonin , and the better to ward off disease

3. stabilize the emotions
Through some sources say that sleep without the light 's better to control and stabilize emotions compared with light sleep using

4 . Increasing Brain work and not easy to forget
People who sleep without light bulbs have a positive impact , one of which is to improve the workings of the brain and inhibits the nature of forgetting

5 . Relieve and alleviate the stress levels
Stress can occur anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances , then one of the benefits of sleep without a light is to relieve and alleviate the level of stress experienced

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