7 Signs and Symptoms of Eye Blepharospasm

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7 Signs and Symptoms of Eye Blepharospasm
Been a while I had eye twitching , and when I asked to my friend , he said that the eye twitching has meaning and sign . But I do not just believe it , because I found my eye twitch because something is wrong with my eye muscle nerve tissue .

Once again I say that eye twitch not mean anything ( myth ) , but as a sign that the body is experiencing mild impairment . (Dr. Karen Wolfe , author of ' Create the Body Your Soul Desires ' ) . Twitch or medical term blepharospasm ( Beb ) is uncontrollable muscle contractions that cause contractions around the eyes . If you are constantly having eye twitch without stopping , it could be a symptom of a nervous breakdown . But , if only occasionally experienced , medically eye twitch could mean you 're under stress , lack of sleep , or too long looking in the same place for a long time ( eg , too long at a computer screen ) .

Health experts agree , 99 % twitch of the eye caused by stress and fatigue wracked body . There is no other way that you can do to stop this other than a twitch of the eye and allow the body to rest your eyes . Before the problem is getting worse , you should begin to reduce stress levels , reduce the intake of coffee , and try to sleep at least 7 hours a day . According to some sources , there are at least 7 marks which cause eye twitching , while the mark I will describe below .

Here are 7 Signs and Symptoms of Eye Blepharospasm
By : Ibrahim Lubis , MA

1 . tired eyes

Your eyes may be working too hard that trigger eyelid twitching . Strained eyes continued to stare at the computer because one of them being a very common cause of eye irritation .

2 . dry eyes

More than half of the elderly population experiencing dry eyes due to the aging process . Dry eye is also very common for people who use computers , take certain medications such as antihistamines , antidepressants , wearing contact lenses and consume caffeine or alcohol . Fatigue and stress can also lead to dry eyes .

3 . fatigue

Lack of sleep is experienced either due to stress or other reasons can trigger eyelid spasms . Immediately pay your lack of sleep can help reduce twitch .

4 . stress

Eye twitching can be one sign of stress due to the eye being so tense . Reducing stress can help make the eye stop twitching .

5 . Nutritional imbalances

Some reports indicate a lack of certain nutrients such as magnesium can trigger eyelid spasms . If you suspect malnutrition has affected health nutritionists should ask the opinion .

6 . allergy

People with eye allergies have symptoms such as itching , swelling and watery eyes . When the eyes are rubbed , will release histamine that triggers tears . Some evidence suggests that histamine can cause eyelid twitching .

7 . Motor nerve disorders 7th

According Dr.Donny Istiantoro , Sp.M , eye specialist in Jakarta Eye Center , a twitch of the eye is not to worry about things . Because , it will usually heal itself . Due to disruption of motor nerve - 7 is simply due to too tired . For this case , can be overcome by the blood booster multivitamin or vitamin E.

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