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Many people who say even own blog world experts also recognize that if you want success in the blogging world should have a blog with your own domain.

But .. what about me, you, you all, is not a free blog can not succeed??????. The question is what should be denied outright, free blog can be successful, yes like the title of this blog "Blog Free So Businessman". how the hell do I, ..! Simple wrote really, .. not difficult and is very easy to do. How???

The following tips which I will describe to grab a Free Blog So Businessman

1. Learn

Why the hell should learn, or yes yes Melepasmu dong, ...! try your own opinion, whether Habibie smart .. without learning, .. Larry Page (Google founders) are not learning??? of course the answer is no. Well, true .. To be a successful blogger with his blog as a successful businessman, it must learn how to blog a blog that he got up into a very well liked, one of which is learning to focus and stay consistent in writing.

2. Focus and Consistent

Sometimes I find a blog that is a lot a lot of content and a lot of themes, I am confused as to what blogs I visit a blog or rather it could be called the blog "hodgepodge". It's no problem really, ...!. But we better build a blog that focuses on a particular theme and be consistent, for example my blog is the title Identity, and I consistently to write all the things that are related to the analysis, such as "Free Blog So Businessman".

3. Be patient

Why should be patient, it can not be a day, a week or a month so rich??? Thought Alone, yes, ....!!. Patience gives us a variety of meanings, patience is the only level of effort in achieving success.

4. Relation

Relationships are friendships, friendships course, in this case focused on other bloggers. tie yourself to make friends and keep them, and do not be shy to ask them about what you do not know. with this braided, of dialogue not only about daily life, but rather to get a variety of information about the business as a blogger.

Well, .. of 4 Exposure tips from me this is an idea. the point is how our own business that requires hard work and worked hard and supported with sincere intentions and prayers are enough. So successful businessman with Free blog!!! Who's afraid.

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