Bringing History Into the Future

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Bringing History Into the Future
Every business goes through some trials and tribulations , not much different from the business that I pioneered . History has shown how the former king or leader of the wheels and the country's economy in a way that is different. National employers , Chairul , provide a key to success if you want to be a successful entrepreneur , ie " buying the future at a price now " . An entrepreneur must be able to innovate by creating a product that needs future .

Know Your Future Enterprises , the intention is not to know or predict the fate of a business or company . But is knowing the next step or level of business or your company . Where levels after this ? And where or what the next rung of a company .

For example, for instance . A roadside cigarette retailers . Retailer or merchant digerobak cigarettes or using small boxes around the market - the market and in front of the shop - front , it is not the goal . And not just sell cigarettes and the absence of any release since .

The cigarette seller is having advanced a step or should its target . Trade cigarette on the sidewalk that is not its purpose . The cigarette trade is only rung . That is the first rung will go up to the second rung and the next . Is the next rung ? ie from small cigarette retailer , then you fertilizer how to become a wholesale cigarettes , cigarette importers and so again if necessary cigarette factory .

Ladders this is mostly small businesses or services that sellers are not informed about and saw . They are carried away by an adequate profit and cover the costs of day-to- day course .

Especially if the business can also profited less and make his mind grew quiet . Thus making their thinking became static . Remember your history , the history of which provide motivation and lashes to move forward even with a two steps forward slowly .

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