Competitors Business is Yourself

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Why do I say that one of the major competitors in the business are ourselves??, .. The answer is because of insecurity, a sense of disappointment and a sense of hope that are too large for the work we do is not maximized.

Try to follow step by step, whether you like the characters below!!, .. If true, means your toughest competitor is yourself.

1. Want Fast without long process

Many of us who want to get rich quickly with a minimum not a maximum effort. without a struggle that requires hard work and patience is certainly a very small chance to get something great. let's see whose name was James watts until now remained known as the inventor of the steam engine, certainly not as successful effort to reverse the hands. Need struggles and high seriousness so james watt capable of creating a recent discovery that steam engine.

2. Without Sciences Want to succeed?????

Are you sure you if there is a claim to an expert in the medical field but did not ever know even from medical graduates?? certainly not the answer. and how we can get success in the business world if we do not know about the science that we manage the business.

3. Try while learning

yes, ... experience is an excellent teacher. based on experience could produce a theory that became disciplines, James watt for example, based on his experience in finding the steam engine has become a separate Disciplines to be a valuable lesson today.

For us of course would be to make our experience either successful or not at all as a measure of success, if we succeed, then increase the success. but if we fail, motivation and make it a valuable lesson to not be the one to fail again.

Of the three it is the turning point of success or destruction of managing a business or start a business, which in essence is the real competitor is not other people's business but your own Self.  If you are sure you are successful, then the hard work and high spirit that embodies the dreams, but otherwise, if you are pessimistic and do not believe in yourself, your business was the toughest competitor is Yourself

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