Paint Dream and Make Target

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Never allow your current ability. down expectations in the future , let 's dream the future to expand your current ability . And Remember , success will not come by itself or just present in one's life . Success is a process that occurs from a variety of series of events . One of the factors that determine the success is careful planning .

Do not ever think to become a success if you do not have a purpose in life . Do not expect to reach high achievement if you are not able to set a clear target in your life . Living without a plan is like a wanderer lost in the woods but he did not have a map or a compass . He will be confused to take action . If he just sat relief will not necessarily come , but if it goes deeper worry about getting lost .

The first way is often used by people to achieve the dream of dreams is to replace the lower level or smaller , second way is to lower the standard of dreams to be achieved . For example , a college graduate with a well-known idealism wants to work with a salary of 20 million month. so optimistic and fiercely , she began to incorporate applications into the company continues for multinasional. and time , the call did not come.

The graduate major universities began pessimistic disease infestation , thus remaining spirit and lowered his dream into hope with 5 million per month salary with a job in a local company . Good fortune has not come , he was unemployed almost yearly , then he started removing and replacing his dream with work whatever important work .

It was called , Where degrading our ability to constrict and dreams to be achieved . Then , Achieving the dream of dreams without having to lose or replace it with a smaller dream , which is to continue to raise the capabilities and more realistic than idealistic , we so high as any dream is within our reach .

For example , A college graduate with mediocre grades and university accreditation low , but has a clear vision and distant future . Starting as a sales job , with great love and enthusiasm for learning that is passionate , he can leave the sales position and fill a new position as a sales leader .

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