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What exactly is SeoQuake Tools???, Well, .. it turns out it is a tool or instrument used to determine the ranking of a blog or website and the number of backlinks. This tool basically just information for visitors want to know the status of the internet when they want to visit that website.

SeoQuake Tools
1. SeoQuake Tools

Then what is the point of this to the bloggers, what can produce or make an inspiration for them and us?? in passing does not, in depth .. but this tool separately helps us to know which blogs or websites that rate and rank the best and top backlinknya number.

Of course for a true blogger will learn from blogs and websites that rank high on the theme of the blog can we learn, from the way of writing, templates and other formats.

2. SeoQuake How to Use Tools

Quite easy to use tools SeoQuake. to use it is by doing the install Seoquake in your own browser, can google chrome, mozilla and others. For Mozilla as the browser is often used, you simply select the Add-on (styling), then write "SeoQuake", then it says install or add to firefox, immediately do immediately.

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