Tips For Find Keyword Popular on Twitter

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Keyword on Twitter
For the bloggers who want to succeed and make a profit from blogging certainly is in need of targeted keywords as the theme of the article. this is reasonable, because the current Social media has become one of the needs of many people, one of which is social media Twitter.

Many of us who believe that Twitter is a place to share the status of an ordinary life, just display the post moments experienced daily. However, that has changed. User hectic HP Smart Phone or advanced, providing a golden opportunity for bloggers to find keywords that are crowded, it is certainly very good to increase blog traffic.

So, how do we know a keyword or theme of much-loved and visited by people when they use social media Twitter?? the following trick.

1. Keyword Research

Search keyword or article that you want to post interesting. Keyword Research function is to find keywords which users visited Twitter, of course.

2. Topsy Tool

Topsy Tool is a tool that can detect articles that were crowded by people, when you type in the keywords you want, this tool will explain the levels on the percentage and number of visits and number of visitors. Immediately, please visit

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