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Companionship or friendship or relationship is different with the fabric of the relationship between two other individuals . True Companion is a person who really cares about what happens to us . They felt happy when you succeed , they also grieve on time you fail .

In the intertwined relationship friendship , in addition to the price appreciated nature , honesty is also very important that you indulge the most favorable companion is a friend of the honest , forthright and does not like to hide things from you , how much more the case that may bring disrepute to yourself . Find a true friend , the easiest way is to search among family , old friends and colleagues where you are .

Some of them will always exist that meet your quota as a true friend , for 've sorted , find more time to be with them . Remember that one of the rules when dealing with others is that we must put the interest in them and not vice versa .

The next easy way is to join a professional or social environment where you might meet people who you need to be around you . There are so many people there that suits your portion , you have to do is just need a lot of talking , so that you will better understand and know the character of the person.

In any case you should make sure that the culture within the group action-oriented , have strong leadership and goals in accordance with your goals . Another way that you can do to find true friends are great * with getting a professional mentor or coach .

Make yourself surrounded by successful people and avoid time with people you do not trust , do not support you and feel threatened by your success , not just dodge Indeed , it is better to run away from people like that . Dreams can be a sneaky thief , Remember , No one is entitled to take your dreams and protest , that's a true friend .

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