7 Features of WeChat Applications

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Applications of WeChat
WeChat is a communication service in voice and text messages to mobile phones made ​​in china country in Tencent. WeChat is an application that can be used in multiple Operating Systems ( OS ) is Android, iPhone , Windows Phone , Symbian , iPhone and BlackBerry . Currently WeChat already has approximately 300 million users worldwide .

WeChat application is very easy to come by , simply by downloading it, then this application is you can use on the phone.

WeChat application is available in several places such as Google Play (Play Store) for the type of Android , to the iTunes App Store, BlackBerry App World and Windows Phone Marketplace. So what are the features of the app Marketplace WeChat , I will summarize the following :

7 Features of WeChat Applications
1 . Moment WeChat

If Facebook is famous for Status Update feature , it is also famous for its WeChat Moment . moment in WeChat virtually identical to other social networks . But at this moment in WeChat gives a different feel that with the addition of image appearance . The addition of an Image preoccupation moment that makes the display more interesting , if you do not want to display the pictures, you can also display the moment the writing alone .

2 . Diverse and Interesting chat

I put this feature right on the second order , because in addition to sharing the moment , we are also preoccupied with chatting with a wide selection of features such as :
  • Chat with sound
  • stickers and emotion
  • Voice calls ( voice call )
  • Video calls ( video calls )
  • sending Pictures
  • Walkie talkie ( PM Press )
  • showing the location of
  • send a business card
  • sharing favorite
3 . Find People Around

The feature I really like , because we are easy to make friends with people around the feature . WeChat makes it easy for users to track the location of the local people with a distance of up to 5-10 KM , so with these features will make it easy for us to add friends or find people who might be familiar .

4 . Rocking

Features WeChat shake is a feature that is very interesting , because just by shaking your Mobile , then you will find the same person the Mobile wiggle . people who you find very varied without distance limitations , could malaysia , australia , china and others.

5 . Drift Bottle

Drift bottle is featured with 3 types in it , you can throw a bottle of yours that you have given both text and voice message , you can search for the message bottle from someone else and you can also special message from your personal bottle message . How exciting is not it! ! .

6 . Share and Group

Excess WeChat other features are shared and Group . You can automatically connect and share moments or your posts to facebook , Google+ and twitter . To be able to automatically share , you have to enable the feature first. In addition , the latest version is 5.0 WeChat provide additional group with a capacity of 100 persons / group , this will allow us to deliver important news to our friends at once .

7 . Games of Interest

In version 4.0 it WeChat not added this feature . but in version 5.0 or 5.1 there is already served a variety of interesting games . These games not only challenging , but some time there will be a quiz or games with prizes hosted by Tim WeChat .

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