Avoid eating ice cream before bed

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ice cream
Avoid eating ice cream before bed -  Before bed we really should not eat food because stomach feel full while sleeping will actually feel less comfortable . There are some foods that are often eaten when going to sleep , but is actually not good . Eating should be a few hours before bed so you better digestion and sleep also feels more comfortable . Well , before you sleep , you should avoid the following foods consumption .

1. ice cream
Because of stress , so you eat foods containing sugar such as ice cream . Indeed, these foods include comfort food , but also because it contains sugar , it can keep you awake . Besides these foods also contain fat from milk and sugar it contains you know.

2. Red Meat
Because it contains proteins and fats , meat is difficult to digest food , but you will sleep and the body must be prepared to lower its performance . Choose foods that are lighter and easier to digest like fruits .

3. Pasta , Noodles , Pizza
Such foods rich in carbohydrates . When you eat this evening , then you get the power source will be a lot more stored fat that makes the waist circumference increased . Better food consumption like this the next day .

4. brown
Just like ice cream , chocolate also contains a lot of sugar . Unless you eat very little chocolate contains sugar , such as dark chocolate . Indeed, there is relaxation in chocolate like this , but can not eat too much because it can also make you sleepy .

5. peanut butter
This peanut butter tastes good. However, these nuts can make weight gain when eaten in the evening . So , save it for tomorrow morning , yes , Ladies .

Before bed , try not to eat within 1-2 hours . Eat fruit and drink water . If necessary , do yoga for a moment to create a more relaxed muscles and mind .

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