Avoid food allergens

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Avoid food allergensBasically , all foods that have a lot of nutrients can also cause problems . The first is that consume most , or cause allergic reactions .

Problem foods that can cause allergic reactions , better not be underestimated . Allergies are a sign that the body is not able to receive the food . 

Causes of food allergy itself is quite diverse, there is a sign or mild symptoms , some are showing severe symptoms do not match .

Eating food when the body shows an allergic reaction can trigger more severe health problems , including death.

Pay attention to some of the foods that can cause allergic reactions following .

If you detect lactose allergy , then you should avoid milk and various dairy products , for example , butter , cheese , cream cheese , ice cream , yogurt , pudding , sour cream , and so forth . Allergy to lactose main cause is not known , however, usually be consumed milk is made ​​from soybeans .

Assorted nuts menu may cause allergic reactions . The reaction can be different each person , there are currently not bear will experience extreme pain in the abdomen and excessive urination . The causes vary, and is generally caused by substances in the beans themselves .

Some fish can cause allergic reactions . Reportedly this is caused by genes , and usually arises when the body condition is not fit .

Not a few people who was allergic and sensitive to eggs . Allergies are usually indicated by reddish skin with hives, or shortness of breath and coughing .

If you are allergic to eggs , then you should avoid egg -based foods such as mayonnaise , meringues , pasta , ice cream , and so forth .

Just as a fish, not a few people who are allergic to shellfish . If an allergic reaction appear , usually relieved by drinking coconut water .

soy allergy
If there are lactose milk allergy , others turned out to be allergic to soy . For that , you who have soy allergies are encouraged to avoid various foods made from soy-based ingredients such as tofu , tempeh , soy sauce , and so forth .

Is somewhat unique , but there are people who are allergic to a variety of grain -based foods , such as cereal beverage , whole grain breads , crackers , and so forth .

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