Between Google Doodle and Simone de Beauvoir

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Google Doodle is an icon image on the search engines Google , and please note that the image of the Google Doodle will always vary according to the provisions of the Google itself .

Currently Google Doodle featuring images Simone de Beauvoir who is the figure of a woman comes from the French state . Changing the image icon Google Doodle with Simone de Beauvoir picture because I helped celebrate the 106th anniversary of Simone de Beauvoir that coincide at this time ( Thursday , 9 January 2014 ) .
Google Doodle

Of course Google has its own reasons why Simone de Beauvoir displayed images on Google Doodle , this is because Simone de Beauvoir is a philosopher figures and well-known modern feminism in the early 20th century . besides, Simone de Beauvoir is also the author of essays , novels and plays politics and social sciences .

works of Simone de Beauvoir and dedication to the world that is the reason why Google show pictures on the Google Doodle Icon on Google's search engine Engine . So .. Do you want your Picture shown also in Google Doodle ? ? ? ?

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