Determine A Successful Opportunity

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It has been almost one full month I learned about Affiliated business , how to market products , consumer closer to earning big . However , until now I did not succeed and do not understand well the technique works .

Finally I decided that to Determine A Successful Opportunity , I have own way . This is how I'm doing manual survey with a visit at the website / blog in Social Networking also social . If this survey has come to the end point , then it could be an existing business Affiliated on this blog I leave or I continue to focus on one product alone .

Then what good will my survey blog / website and also social networking ? ? The following explanation .

1 . Blog / Website
I will do a survey on the blog / website to see what products are sold , whether book , E -book , Game and others .

2 . Social Networking
I am going to social networking surveys such as Face book, Twitter and others . Survey I focus on the big picture statuses they made, I will collaborate if they are right on the status of a particular product .

3 . The secondary needs a lot of interest
I did this survey in two ways: how off line and on line . Off line course in everyday life , while on line through cyberspace .

I'm doing this survey has been running for 1 week , and I will be a target in 3 months , so it will be seen which product is suitable as an earning opportunity . What do my friends , is precisely Determine A Successful Opportunity through this my way , give comments ya ! ! .

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