Graphic Design

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Graphic Design
For you as a graphic designer or graphic designer candidates , the ability of using graphics software such as CorelDraw , Adobe PageMaker , Adobe Photoshop and others not enough. product technology these are merely a tool to support design work , which if not our creative spirit that moved , the results are not as expected .

Lots of people call themselves a graphic designer with knowledge of just relying on the use of computer graphics software , but do not hone and add insight by reading the theory of art and design and science communication .
  • Why ? For the role of art in terms of order and beauty in design publications . While the science of communication play a role in understand the position of graphic designer as communicator is being compose messages to be read by the communicant ( the receiver of the message .
  • What I see a lot of people collect books computer graphics rather than a book about the theory of aesthetics, design theory or science communication .
  • While it is true we unconsciously apply .
This book describes in brief , yet comprehensive enough on the basics of graphic design graphic designer must understand the beginner , or a professional . Thus, when the receipts of various computer graphics software , do not dwell on the technique used , but rather think fully in control and communication arts in graphic design produces visual works good .

The literature that discusses the art of graphic design and communication in these I rarely found in computer book publishing for groups graphics . There was only discussing the function and use of facilities owned by the software. This could bring the reader leads the technological perspective only. It also will eventually make readers to be pragmatic , not looking at other areas actually no less important in creating design work riveting 

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