How to care for Nails

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1 . soak nails
If you have brittle nails that are prone to or have any kind of thin nails , try soaking your nails in olive oil for 10-15 minutes , every day . For the initial stage , do this routine way for a month . For further treatment , did enough for two weeks ..

2 . cuticle cream
Cuticle Cream can help nourish your cuticles are dry and brittle easily . This is because your nails possibility of a deficiency of vitamin E. Therefore , to fortify nails , rub and massage your nails every night before bed . How this is done to stimulate blood flow and help grow long nails faster and stronger . Do not forget , before massaging your nails , you should wash your hands thoroughly.

3 . Avoid making your nails as tools
If you want durability or strength nails stay awake , you should start to avoid using nails as tools to open cans of soda or other open items . Not only that , avoid nail biting habit while also being broken .

4 . Do not be too frequent use of nail polish
It's okay to use nail polish to enhance your appearance . But you should not use nail polish remover more than twice in a month . Avoid exfoliating containing acetone nail polish because it can dry out and damage nails . Use cleaning fluid containing moisturizer nails nails .

5 . Drinking water
Consuming lots of water is very good for maintaining healthy skin . This also applies to the nail . By consuming lots of water , the nails will avoid damaged and dry .

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