Learning from Successful Blogger in Indonesia

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Learning from Successful Blogger in Indonesia - Active blogging is certainly not just a hobby or stored talents . desire to be a successful blogger must be a core goal of all we do . tricks and any way supported the activities of the blogging world and is the main basis for making a blog / website that we manage to be a top rank .

Motivation , passion and purpose become a successful blogger should be achieved and do as much as possible , including learning to those who have been successful in managing blogs / websites they build . What the hell , .. actually benefit us bloggers to learn and know the blog / website blogger who has been particularly successful in Indonesa ? ? he answered a lot of benefits and a lot of knowledge .

One of them is their strategy successful in determining a title , a description of how to articles, layout and design templates , and more . Imitate or mimic in terms of goodness is certainly not prohibited , but that does not mean we have to cooperate with them, the true identity of a blogger is a blogger who appear as it is and not follow someone in order for the famous .

Who is a Successful Blogger in Indonesia? ? ? The following explanation

1 . O - OM.COM

O - OM.COM is a website founded by Agus Ramandhani a webmaster / blogger success familiar name. His intelligence and expertise in managing even designing a blog / website no doubt . Obviously we want to be like him , if so learn and frequent dialogue with him either by commenting or contact him directly .


PANDUANDASAR.COM a website managed and founded by Cosa Aranda with specialized skills in the field of advertising . He is a blogger who does not give up and were able to generate thousands of dollars of your blog / website management.


Medhy Hidayat or better known as an owner Medhy Aginta blog / website known as a successful blogger in Indonesia . to Make Money From Blogging as a discussion of the core of the blogs that he managed diligently and professionally , this time he has achieved remarkable success and do not wrong if we learn from it .

4 . ARM ( Athletics Papers )

Baim is the nickname of the founder of the free blog . indeed when compared to the blog eat it , ARM can not be said to be a successful blogger . this is because the visitors of this blog is 5000-10000 visitors per day with a static achievement .

However , quote the phrase " Blogger 's success is not due to results , but rather the benefits for other people " is an exemplary sentence . This blog is a free blog with a single theme that is devoted to the student, students , and faculty as well as seekers of knowledge . ARM 's commitment to continue to display articles related to our paper is the inspiration for the blog so that we manage better known by the discussion ( niche blogs ) .

That's all I can inform about Learning from Successful Blogger in Indonesia . many successful bloggers that I can not mention . however , .. in essence that if one does not learn from them and follow the strategy that they do to make us successful blogger .

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