Love Knows No Bounds

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Love is affection no fixed limit to whom the dear and beloved . There is a saying "if love is inherent , goat manure was brown "  , .. Excellent . Willing , sincere , sincere and willing to sacrifice for the people who loved and cared for is a portion that is proven to loyalty .

loveAs has been issued through site , displayed the figure of a man who was willing to accompany her for years even though his wife was dead . a man of Vietnamese origin to prove his love ( according to his own ) to his wife to save his wife 's body for years .

Le Van Quang Nam origin man had lost his wife in 2003 . Le Van , as quoted from the written admitted that he could not sleep without the company of his wife , and he claimed to have been with the bodies of his wife for 20 years with his wife sleeping on top of the grave .

Is this true love ... ?? whether the examples above are included in the category of " Love Knows No Boundaries " ? ? I answer back to your own . However , true love is the essence .. Love the Post is not always in the side of our lives , but genuine affection and sincerity will always accompany the side of life that we will not forget .

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