Sitting For Too Long will lead to heart disease

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If you do work while sitting in a fairly long period of time , you should start frequently intersperse your sitting with walking and breathe natural air. Do not dismiss your condition while working and sitting too long . Your body is under pressure as a result of interaction with chairs , work , television, and computer screens . A study revealed that sitting too long can cause other health related problems. This is what happens to the body when sitting too long and did not keep up with the motion nor drink water :

1 . Head
Sitting for too long can cause a blood clot in the head . This is caused by irregular blood circulating in the body so that the clot in there . Danger is lurking stroke .

2 . Neck
Entrained fluid on the joints and feet , can go up into the neck at night . This causes sleep apnea or stopped breathing during sleep .

3 . Lungs
For those who have a history of heart failure , be careful . Sitting for too long can cause fluid into your lungs .

4 . Heart
Heart disease is often caused by lifestyle . But for those who have heart failure and sleep apnea , fluid will accumulate in the neck and lungs bit by bit .

5 . Stomach
Although there appears to be hurting the lower back , but it sits too long it could take you to the risk of colon cancer pain and obesity . This is because many of the body 's metabolism of glucose and lipids such as processing is interrupted .

6 . Thigh
When seated , restrained by the seat thigh . That exist in the body fluids will accumulate there , causing a lot of problems as above .

Well , so you avoid problems like the above , try to move the faithful once an hour. Whether it into the toilet , and a breath of fresh air outdoors to the lungs to get good natural air . Walking will help relaunch the body metabolism so there is no need clots and health problems as above . Leave your desk for 5-10 minutes to refresh the mind , clear my eyes and blood circulation .

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