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Personally I am very happy to make a tutorial video form , but what may make, laptop that I use do not support. When making a video in Movie Maker is completed, obstacles that occur are used Laptops automatically die due to overheating. The heat caused the storage and loading process is too long .

I finally found a software that can record computer activity . This software is used to record any activity on your computer or on your laptop . Free Screen To Video is the name of this software , this software is not only the only software which is used to record the activity of your computer or laptop , but this software is absolutely free and the full version without trial.

A. Identity Software Free Screen To Video

This software is very small capacity is only 1 MB , other than that this software is very light when opened . Video recording software is also not great , and the maximum quality results . Size Video recording Software Free Screen To Video depending on the duration or time spent , the longer time it will also be a large capacity sizes .

B. How to Install Software Free Screen To Video

Notice the images and follow the steps

Software Free Screen To Video
Software Free Screen To Video
Software Free Screen To Video

Caption :

1 . Once you click on the software Free Screen To Video , you select a user curren ( see picture ) and then OK .

2 . Click on the Accept and Install

3 . Click Accept and Install ( uncheck if not wanted list as search engine )

4 . click Next

5 . Wait until Install Process Completed

C. How to Use Free Screen To Video Software

Software Free Screen To Video

Using this software is very easy, simply by opening the program that you have installed , and then click the Play button . You can change the features according to your liking . See the picture above . 

D. Software functions and benefits of Free Screen To Video is:

1 . Record Computer Activity
2 . Creating a Video Tutorial ( such as design photoshop and Photo)

You just open the software Free Screen To Video , then you open photoshop and simply design what you want to create , design time steps in photoshop it will automatically be recorded and you just keep it . You can also make a picture or photograph album you into a video , and the pictures that you have collated through software Free Screen To Video will be stored in a video format .
If you are Interested to try this software , Visit

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