The Benefits of Vitamin E for Antioxidant

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Vitamin EThere are many types of vitamins that can be consumed by humans. Start of vitamin A , vitamin C , E , K , B1 , B3 , and others. Each vitamin has its own function and its benefits to the human body. One of the important vitamin is vitamin E. Vitamin E is found in vegetable oils, green leafy vegetables such as spinach or foods such as beans and eggs. Many already know that vitamin E is good for health . But if you know the exact function of vitamin E ? If not, consider the following benefits.

1 . antioxidant qualities
Greatest benefits of vitamin E are antioxidants in it . Combined with oxygen , it is very potent antioxidants destroy free radicals . For that reason , it is often used in vitamin E for healthy skin from free radical attack sunlight .

2 . Regulate the activity of the enzyme
Vitamin E helps the body regulate the activity of the enzyme , one of which relates to the growth of smooth muscle . Vitamin E substances in regulating the growth of smooth muscle in order not to harm the body .

3 . heal wounds
Vitamin E also has a good effect when someone is injured . Vitamin E works to heal wounds quickly and regenerate damaged tissue extras or missing cells .

4 . nerve function
Vitamin E helps inhibit the aggregation of platelets in the blood . This relates to the activity of nerves and nerve function in the body . In other words , vitamin E helps maintain nerve health and function .

5 . Protects lipids in the body
Vitamin E also serves to preserve and prevent lipid oxidation in saturated fat . Vitamins work with staged performance of lipids in the body .

That's some of the benefits of vitamin E for health . Keep in mind that although beneficial not too much vitamin E. In addition, should the consumption of vitamin E derived from food or natural materials rather than from supplements .

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