Treating the Flu with Regular Breaks

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the Flu
Treating the Flu with Regular Breaks - In the rainy season , diseases that often target the influenza or the health of the body is more familiar with the flu . When this disease attacks , the body was not fit that can affect daily activities . To overcome this, the following are some tips that you can do to overcome it naturally 

1. Rest well and regularly
When stricken with the flu , you do not just need a little rest, but a good and regular . Sleep in question is a nap and sleep 6-8 hours a night dive per day to reduce your pain .

2. Drink plenty of water
Water can help in clearing the toxins in the body . Increase the consumption of water can help eliminate the current flu flu , Ladies . Aim to drink about 8 glasses a day to keep the body healthy .

3. Gargling with salt water
When you have a cold , it could be because it contained the germs in your mouth. Therefore , you should clean the gargling with salt water to kill the germs .

4. Eat a lot and regularly
If your food intake is less , can make your body fit and not easily attacked by diseases . Therefore , to fulfill your needs by eating enough and regularly . In addition , notice the cleanliness of the food you eat .

5. eating honey
Honey has many benefits . Among these are fighting a variety of diseases , get rid of toxins found in the body , as well as to maintain your health .

Try some of the tips above in order to keep fit and healthy body so that the activity was not disrupted . Good luck and hopefully useful .

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