Benefits of Coconut Milk Oil

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Coconut is a multipurpose and multi functional tree . all what is contained in the coconut tree can be utilized . such as coconut water , has many benefits such as water and fruit flavors . but it is also like coconut oil and so forth. One of the most interesting things is kelapa.Santan coconut milk is one of the dishes that complement the material often used for cooking. Obtained from freshly squeezed coconut milk and grated coconut meat is added with a little water . It was a tasty and fatty , making dishes taste more delicious and liked .
Benefits of Coconut Milk Oil
1 . Prevent aging
Fiber , fat and nutrients and antioxidants in coconut milk could help prevent the onset of aging . so for those who regularly consume coconut milk , most likely he will stay young .

2 . Iron-rich
Iron in coconut milk to prevent anemia or less blood . Anemia occurs because the body does not produce enough hemoglobin to the number of daily activities . As a result you become weak , tired , and not productive .

3 . strengthen bones
Strong bones need calcium not only alone , but also phosphorus is abundant in coconut milk . Consumption of coconut milk also helps nourish and strengthen your bones .

4. strengthen immunity
Coconut milk also contains vitamin C which can strengthen the immune system . Many foods that contain coconut milk , then the flu and infections will rarely happen .

5 . rich in antioxidants
Coconut milk was also rich in beneficial antioxidants that fight free radicals and protect cells from damage .

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