7 Powerful Strategies to Keep Visitors on Your Blog

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For Blogger blogs crowded surely wants , even if it could be flooded with visitors , yes like the title of this article . Before that, I say hello to my friends who esteemed and dear to me , how is it going ? hopefully in good health , .. amiiin .

Flooded blog visitors can say that we have successfully managed to attract visitors and will always be faithful to stop by if they open up the internet . So , .. What the hell , .. way , trick or powerful strategy for blogs that we manage crowded and flooded loyal visitors ?

1 . Adjust the Article Title Content
The title of your article should be in accordance with the contents of the entire article , it will give you an understanding and convenience of the reader while reading your article , for example articles with educational titles , the content of the article should be in accordance with the theme of education .

2 . Short , Precise and Solid with a simple pattern
Long article papers usually associated with the article , Well , .. if the article is just opinion or any other form of articles , then use the concept of Short , Precise and Solid with a simple pattern .

3 . Customize Theme by Readers
You have to target who will be the reader , if your article is focused on the learner , then the article you must be related to the theme of education or a related science . the point is that you create themes should fit the needs of the reader , not mixed - mixed .

4 . Individual works good although a little more
Keep your writing is the work itself , from the results of his own ideas , make sure if you created the article instead of the proceeds Copy Paste . Surely you , me and the visitors prefer the Original results .

5 . Self Criticism
Once you have been posting articles and publish them , you try to check and read your article . Obviously , reading , try to try to re-analyze the word or phrase that needs to be fixed .

6 . Use keywords in each paragraph
When you write a theme such as " 7 Powerful Strategies to Keep Visitors on Your blog " , try as much as possible the word strategy , powerful , blogs , and visitors flooded adorn every article contents buckwheat .

7 . top Keyword
Do not be afraid to compete , making keyword with the top rating is not to be feared , if 6 you describe the way that I do , hopefully, you will occupy the top 10 Google search results order .

Similarly, article 7 Powerful Strategies to Keep Visitors on Your Blog , hopefully by using this approach had a positive effect on your blog . amiiinnn ! ! !

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