7 Tips For Healthy Nails

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7 Tips For Healthy Nails
Having beautiful nails and pretty certainly a dream of all people , especially for the ladies . Not only gives a charm of its own , has a wonderful and beautiful nails will make the appearance more attractive and professional . Therefore 7Top Ranking will give way and tips for caring for your nails to keep it beautiful , beautiful , healthy and clean , here 7 Tips For Healthy Nails

1 . Do not Make Nails as Tools
Do not use your nails to open something that result in broken nails , for the durability and strength of the nail is very sensitive , so avoid as much as possible to perform actions that can damage your nails

2 . Soak your nails with Olive Oil
If you have nails that tend to be brittle and thin , then do it on a regular basis by soaking your nails in olive oil for 10 to 15 minutes every day . Olive oil is believed to strengthen the outer shell of your nails . soaking for a month do routinely as the initial stage .

3 . Avoid Routines Using Nail Polish
It is okay to beautify your nails done in various ways , including painted , but if you do the nail polish too often , it will make your nails dry and damaged .

4 . Routine Drinking Water
The body needs sufficient water capacity including your nails . drinking lots of water is certainly very good for maintaining healthy skin , drink plenty of water with your nails will be protected from damage and dryness of the skin nail .

5 . Foods rich in biotin
Taking care of the nails from the outside you can do by keeping dry and undamaged . besides taking care of the important as well , one of which is by consuming food rich in biotin such as liver , eggs , cauliflower , avocado and others .

6 . cuticle cream
Caring with cream kutila a positive impact on your nails , it is because kutila cream contains vitamin E which is able to stimulate blood flow as the normalization of nail growth , in addition to the treatment using kutila cream also helps your nails long and strong so fast .

7 . Massaging the nails and clean
Massaging the nails very well if done regularly , it is intended that nail growth path processed smoothly without any obstacles . in addition to the care of your nails clean from the dirt piled up , the dirt will be visible if you have long nails .

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