Benefits of Blueberry Fruit for Health

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Benefits of Blueberry Fruit for Health
The fruit is a creation of Allah matchless pleasure , in addition to scrumptious fruit also turns out to have various health benefits for our bodies and one of them is the Blueberry fruit . Frankly I myself do not know exactly how this Blueberry fruit flavors , because hell has never tasted the delicious taste of the blueberry fruit , but the explanation below will explain about what are the benefits of blueberry fruit for your health . the following :  Benefits of Blueberry Fruit for Health

1 . Lose excess fat
Blueberries Contain substances and beneficial polyphenols which serves to reduce excess fat in the abdominal area . in addition to that, Blueberry Fruit can also help solve problems with metabolism. Of course, this fruit is also very suitable to be consumed as a dietary program that is being conducted due to the low calorie content .

2 . Increase endurance
Blueberry is a fruit that contains more antioxidants compared to other fresh fruit . These antioxidants have an important role to strengthen the immune system by neutralizing free radicals . The antioxidants in blueberries are anthocyanins , the pigments responsible for the blue color of blueberries .

3 . sharpen vision
Well , .. for those of you who have disturbances in vision , then this Blueberry Fruit can sharpen your vision , it is because the blueberry compounds known as anthocyanosides . In a study published in the Archives of ophtalmology proven that consuming 3 blueberries a day may help reduce the decline of vision in the elderly by 36 percent .

4 . healthy bone
Blueberry Fruit Ingredients believed to nourish the bones , therefore , Eating blueberries regularly can help strengthen bones and avoid the risk of bone loss .

5 . Preventing a heart attack
Consume 3 or more servings of blueberries each week can reduce the risk of heart disease in women . This is because the fruit Blueberries contain high levels of compounds , which can help to widen the artery .

6 . against cancer
Research has shown that women with a high intake of blueberries are known to experience a significant reduction in the risk of ovarian cancer .

7 . Lowering blood sugar
Blueberry is a fruit with a low glycemic index . This makes this fruit has a role in helping to regulate blood sugar , especially for people with diabetes . 5 Consumption of blueberries every day is very good for health .

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