Benefits of Ginseng

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Ginseng is an herb that has long been used in Chinese medicine that has remarkable properties for health . However , when the ginseng is not only famous in the east , but the efficacy of ginseng have been gliding high in western countries . Ginseng is a type of natural medicine and is highly recommended to be used to maintain a stable and healthy body . ginseng found in various types , such as Indian ginseng , Siberia , Asia , Brazil , and the United States .
Benefits of Ginseng
1 . Diabetes drug
Blood sugar levels can drop drastically by consuming ginseng . However , if you are using antidiabetic drugs , it is necessary to reconsider the use of ginseng simultaneously . Because the mixing ginseng with diabetes drugs can make blood sugar levels are too low . Therefore, it is very necessary advice of a doctor .

2 . Reduce the level of mental stress
Ginseng can improve mental alertness , while also changing the mood and relieve fatigue . Another benefit is a concoction of antidepressants and anti - anxiety . When a person experiences excessive stress , adrenal hormones ( cortisol , adrenaline , and noradrenaline ) will flow out and cause a variety of health problems . In this situation , ginseng can help you in balancing the level of adrenaline .

3 . Stimulates the immune system and the nervous
Some experts say ginseng herbal medicine can improve the quality of life . Adaptogenic properties of ginseng help stimulate people to stay young . Whereas in the elderly , can restore damaged cells in the body . Ginseng can also help you fight off the flu and other infectious diseases .

4 . Prevent movement of cancer
The growth of certain types of cancer cells can be inhibited by ginseng . Chinese Medicine Journal report , ginsenosides have anti - tumor effect and can induce cell damage in prostate cancer , ovarian cancer cells , lung adenocarcinoma cells , and neuroblastoma cells . In addition , ginseng also acts to inhibit cell cycle progression , so as to slow the growth of cancer cells .

5 . reduce Fatigue
Great adaptogenic from various strains of Ginseng is believed to provide physiological changes in the body to adapt to fatigue due to overwork.

6 . Improve endurance athletes
Quality ginseng in improving stamina has made it a tonic stimulant popular among athletes . During practice , an athlete must be consistent in order to maintain stamina remain high , and ginseng can help to make it happen .

Important information !
The use of ginseng is not recommended especially for pregnant women and breast-feeding , to prevent the occurrence of contraindications . In addition , ginseng may also affect the reaction of some drugs , such as blood thinners such as warfarin , heparin , aspirin , and diuretics .

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