Brave and Ready Undergo Changes

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Change is not always bad , sometimes we have to change in order to achieve things that are much more baik.Kadang the change is not bad , out of the comfort zone that we've rasakan.Tapi if just relaxing in the comfort zone , yes our lives just like that continue .

Edwin Cole said , " you do not sink because it falls into the water , unless you stay in the water . " Generally when a person already feels comfortable , he would not like to change . Those who are in a comfort zone , will consider changes like the sky collapsed . That is , the change was so startling both a great fear .

As an example of change is when the company suddenly mutates into a place or person to another section . Another case is a person who was rich and now suddenly become poor . Such changes can make people become desperate , so could not see a better opportunity in front of him . 
Brave and Ready Undergo Changes
Change does not always mean a setback . Instead , the changes could mean progress . If God allowed that to happen , step boldly . Do it with all your heart . Do not live in the shadow of the good old days , because it will hinder our steps to the next success . Or proverb proverb is a short sentence Based on Long Experience At That Time.

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