Cancer Prevention Natural Ingredients

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Cancer Prevention Natural IngredientsCancer is a malignant disease that is highly lethal . The number of death rates from cancer continue to increase from year to year . However , cancer can actually be prevented as early as possible that you can do easily .

Various studies provide information that one of the causes of cancer due to lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns . Therefore , adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy foods and the right is the right step to prevent cancer . The following describes some of the types of foods contain substances that are proven cancer -preventing illness , following explanation : Cancer Prevention Natural Ingredients

1 . Cauliflower , Cabbage , and Broccoli
Vegetables such as cauliflower , broccoli , and cabbage is a vegetable that contains a substance " indole 3 carbinol " is quite high . This substance is a substance that can help to prevent and fight breast cancer . Compounds in this type of vegetable substances are also known to alter estrogen can trigger the growth of cancer cells to estrogen are more secure and prevent the growth of cancer .

Broccoli is also shown to prevent cancers of the rectum , colon cancer , and other cancers . This is because of the content of sulforaphane in broccoli , cauliflower , and cabbage . Add the vegetables into your daily diet is a good step towards a healthy dietary changes .

2 . tomatoes
Turns Tomatoes are rich in anti - cancer substance called lycopene . This substance serves to lower the risk of various types of cancer . Tomatoes also contain vitamin C , anti- oxidants which have a role in preventing cell damage that can lead to cancer . In addition , lycopene in tomatoes is also known to lower the risk of prostate cancer , colon , pancreatic , and breast cancer .

3 . green tea
In addition to my deliciously brewed , it turns Green tea is one of the healthful beverage . Green tea works to eliminate toxins from the body and also helps you lose weight . In addition , it contains antioxidants known to prevent cancer . Antioxidants that can prevent cell damage that can lead to cancer .

4 . garlic
Although a slight odor , Garlic greatness was able to prevent the development of cancer and tumor cells . it is caused Garlic contains antioxidants that play a role in protecting cells from free radical attack . The study provides information that eating garlic regularly can reduce the risk of colon cancer or stomach cancer by 50 percent . This applies to garlic consumed either cooked or uncooked .

5 . Grapefruit
Grapefruit fruit better known in America , but it also includes fruit citrus fruit or citrus group which can be found everyday in Indonesia . Grapefruit is known to prevent cancer , this is due to a substance called monoterpenes contained therein . This substance is carcinogenic substances capable of removing the causes of cancer and to prevent the emergence of cancer cells . The content of the fruit is made ​​up of several important substances such as beta - carotene , vitamin C , and folic acid which can strengthen the immune system and prevent cell damage .

6 . mushrooms
There are several types of mushrooms such as maitake , shitake and button mushrooms contain a substance known to boost the immune system . therefore , this type of fungus function helps prevent cancer . Maitake mushrooms are known to control blood sugar levels so that enough help lower the risk of cancer . Reishi mushrooms are also known to prevent the growth of tumors . However , you should consume mushrooms that developed organically .

7 . White water
Water is the primary need is very urgent role , in addition to the neutralizing power of water was able to prevent various diseases one of which is cancer .

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